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Flexible Faucet Extender


Introducing SplashSaver™ - the Universal Faucet Extender that makes hand washing, face washing and dish scrubbing easier and more comfortable than ever. With 360° rotating functionality, you’ll be able to get right up to your bathroom faucet, or more conveniently out of your kitchen sink. This innovative tool offers numerous benefits that allow you to wash larger items with both hands without straining yourself.


This flexible tool is suitable for almost all types of round taps thanks to its international standard four-point universal interface design. Installation could not be simpler; in fact, you won't even need the help of a plumber as it can be done in just 2 minutes flat.


Reap the rewards of both comfort and convenience with SplashSaver™ - get up close and personal with your faucet today!


Material: Stainless Steel, Brass, Rubber
Color: Orange
Size: 20cm, 30cm, 50cm

Package Includes:

1 x  Flexible Faucet Extender

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