Foaming Agent Cleaning Free Spray Gun


1.Copper Tip: the copper tip will make the spray fluent and will not be blocked.
2.Iron Barrel: the iron barrel is covered with the PTFE which makes it very easy to clean.
3.Trigger:: Press the trigger to spray foam.
4.Valve: When using, rotate down to open it. After using, rotate up to close it.
5.Entrance: connect foam can with the entrance and fasten.
6.Controller: rotate the controller to adjust spray speed.
7.Ergonomic handle: hold the handle when spray.

Product information:
Size: 33 * 24 * 5.4cm
Maximum output pressure: 8 (MPa)
Maximum injection flow: 5 (L/min)
Spray width: 3 (mm)
Overall dimension: 180 (mm)
Scope of application: spray foaming agent
Material: aluminum

Packing list:
Spray gun X1set

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